2019 Raffle Quilt

Several members of the Piece and Plenty Quilt Guild worked together to create this year’s chance quilt.  The quilt was revealed in February to the Quilt Guild Committees; unanimously naming the quilt, Stars in the Garden; a fitting name, for sure.

The quilt measures 98″ x 98″.

Several guild members pieced the quilt. Ruth Rakop, Yvonne Meloy and Kathy Stack, long time members, designed and/or applied the hand applique.  Terri Welch quilted the quilt and Joan Bast-Haussels traditionally completed the quilt by attaching the binding. The quilt is truly a beautiful blend of plenty of piecing, team work and hours of volunteered workmanship; an example of the fun and work found within quilt guilds.

Every other year the Piece and Plenty Quilt Guild (PPQG) host the Ozark Festival of Quilt Show in Rolla.  (Save the date for Oct 5th and 6th). Come see the beautiful displays, vendors, have lunch and snacks and get a chance to win a one of a kind, beautifully created quilt.