Winter Challenge

Each winter the Piece and Plenty Guild offers a special winter challenge. It’s a great opportunity and offers inspiration for members to continue quilting during the cold months. The theme is announced in autumn, and the finished quilts are due at the March guild meeting.

2019 Winter Challenge: Fine Art Challenge

Due Date: March 7 2019 PPQG Meeting

THE CHALLENGE: Create a quilt that is inspired by a work of fine art. Your challenge quilt should interpret and expand on this art work, creating a new work of art in fabric. The challenge is not to COPY a work of fine art, but to use it as inspiration for a small quilt.

Some ideas: Jackson Pollock in thread. Piet Mondrian pieced in calico. Salvador Dali in applique. Wassily Kandinksy in Cherrywood fabric. Brightly colored portraits inspired by Andy Warhol. Black and white landscapes like the photographs of Ansel Adams. The blue colors of Pablo Picasso’s blue period. Still life, wildlife painting, landscapes, mosaics….. hundreds of possibilities!

Fine art is usually considered to mean visual art (painting, drawing, photography, sculpture), although YOU might argue that music is also a fine art. You can also argue that ALL quilts are works of art, and therefore every quilt pattern on the market creates a work of art… but this would not be in the spirit of this challenge. Therefore, do not use another quilt as your inspiration, and do not use a printed panel.

Pretty much anything else goes:

  • Any embellishment is allowed, including paint, beading, lace, ribbon, embroidery or applique.
  • Garments, purses, and tote bags ARE eligible for this challenge. All entries must be quilted—3 layers of fiber or fabric connected with thread.
  • Keep it clean, and by that I mean G-rated, suitable for view by children.
  • Your quilt should have a maximum perimeter of 144 This means your quilt could be as big as a 36” square, or a rectangle measuring 18” x 54” or 30” x 42,” as long as the measurement of the outside edge does not exceed 144 inches. That said, there are no quilt police with measuring tapes; just keep in mind the display space is limited.
  • Your item must be available for display at the Rolla Public Library and local shops in March, April, and May 2019.

Need some inspiration? Check out this visual art encyclopedia. You can search WikiArt by artist, nationality, schools and movements, genre, centuries, and art institutions.

Concerned about copyright law? Read about the concept of fair use here.

Read about works in the public domain.

JUDGING: Please print an image of the work of art you have chosen as your inspiration, and bring the image with your entry on March 7. The program will be by each of you, explaining why you chose your work of art, how it inspired you, and how you interpreted that art in your quilt. Judging will be by a vote of those present: Who best carried out this challenge?

Questions: Contact chair Cynthia Felts at chfelts@fidmail.comSave