Winter Challenge

Each winter the Piece and Plenty Guild offers a special winter challenge. It’s a great opportunity and offers inspiration for members to continue quilting during the cold months.

The theme is announced in autumn, and the finished quilts are due at the March guild meeting.

2017 Winter Challenge

“Hexies, Diamonds, and Jewels. Oh, My!”

Rules were:

  • You must have at least one Hexie (Hexagon) shape, one Diamond shape, and one Jewel shape from fabric in your quilt.
  • Hexies, Diamonds, and Jewels can be pieced.
  • Any embellishment is allowed, including beading, lace, ribbon, embroidery, or applique.
  • You must create a quilt – 3 layers of fabric or fiber connected with thread. Garments, purses, or tote bags are not eligible for this challenge.
  • Your quilt must have a maximum perimeter of 144 inches. This means your quilt could be as big as 36” square, or a rectangle measuring 18” x 54” or 30” x 42”, or a circle with a diameter of 45” or a radius of 22.5”. Your quilt can be any shape as long as the measurement of the outside edge does not exceed 144 inches.
  • Be creative! Have fun!

Below are some the the images from our May, 2017 meeting where the challenge quilts were shown and voted on.

Winter 2017 challenge submissions. 

2016 Winter Challenge:

Winter 2016 challenge winners
Winter 2016 challenge winners

“Half square triangles”