Quilt Show

Wow and thank you! A note from Jeanette

As the past president serving with you during the 2017 Ozark Festival of Quilts Show….”Wow and Thank You” can not cover how impressed and pleased I am with all your dedicated and creative work in the show and the guild.

From the beautifully decorated entry, warmed by Mary’s flowers and place mats, to the bountiful supply of Vintage Market donations skillfully displayed, every booth and committee revealed a “Welcome, relax and enjoy the show” statement. PS ( I found really nice Christmas gifts from the boutique and silent action)! The vendors got my money too…such a variety!

I witnessed not only a beautiful quilt display, but I saw smiling faces, pleasant greetings and lots and lots of laughter. I saw and felt the teamwork….a guild with determination and the potential to give their best. I told you all along I believed in you and that you had potential to be the best. I had a lady approach me and ask me if I knew this was State Guild retreat weekend. She told me her friend was in attendance at State but had told her (non quilter) to be sure to attend this show as it was the BEST in the State…she said the friend was right.

To all of you, regardless what part you played in the success, thank you for building on each other’s success. You truly make us an outstanding guild. And thanks too to our founding members giving us our start and celebrating this 30 year milestone.

Past President