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Karen’s 10,000 Inches Annual Report for 2017

We were short of our goal in November of baby quilts for the year so I asked for help.  I received such an overwhelming response in December.  21 quilts were turned in at the December meeting.  I think that was a record for a given month.  We not only met our goal,  we passed the previous two years.  Our total for 2017 was 81 baby quilts with a total of 13,122 inches.  Thank you all so much.  The following ladies contributed to this record:

  • Mary Becker
  • Sara Wright
  • Viola Cotton
  • Marilyn Fox
  • Pat Sparks
  • Judy Fox
  • Cheri Quick
  • Liz Rowden
  • Doris Carl
  • Mary Wilkerson
  • Jeanette Gregory
  • Carol Creighton
  • Brenda Morton
  • Harriet Bain
  • Shirley Carroll
  • Bobbie Wedge
  • Barb Ford
  • Kay Lorts
  • Kristin Wheelwright
  • Loretta Phelps
  • Cindy Felts (Danika)
  • Melinda Leary
  • Margie Lange
  • Sue Shanks
  • Dorthy Coad

Our baby quilts are delivered to four organizations: The Methodist Women’s Group, Pregnancy Resource Center of Rolla, Birth Right of Rolla, and Russell House.  The quilts are given to mothers in need of assistance.  I bring quilt kits to every meeting for anyone to take home and make a baby quilt. Fabric, batting, and pattern are included in each kit.

I would also like to thank Sue Brunner and Robbie Perkins for their donation of fabric along with a Master Gardener friend Sharon Vandyke.  Thank you all for your support of this service project.  It is a pleasure to have the opportunity to chair this project.

Marilyn Fox, Project Chair