meeting minutes

December 2017 Meeting Minutes

Minutes of Piece and Plenty Quilt Guild, December 7, 2017

Meeting called to order by Kathy Stack at 7:10 p.m.

55 members present. No new members or guests tonight.

Those with birthdays in December were acknowledged.

November minutes were emailed. Mary Wilkerson made a motion and Ruth Rakop seconded to accept the minutes as written. Minutes approved.

Laurie Miller presented the Treasurer’s report.  Motion was made by Ruth Rakop to accept the report.  Linda Howell seconded. Report approved.

Changes to the budget were presented to the guild.  Changes needed to be made to account for the change to the fiscal year this year which will add three months to this year (changing to match the calendar year at the end of 2018).
Specific changes included:

  • Adding $50 to the donation for each of the churches whose rooms we use
  • Adding funds for the 2019 quilt show

A question was raised regarding the cost of the P.O. box.  Laurie Miller will verify the cost and look into purchasing ‘forever’ stamps to save on postage.

Martha Ethridge mad a motion that the budget be accepted.  Mary Wilkerson seconded.  Budget approved.

Committee reports:

10,000 inches:    Marilyn Fox reported receiving 18 baby quilts tonight bringing total to 54 quilts.

Programs: Saturday, January 6th Rail Fence Beginner class.  Free.  At the Stitch Niche.

At the January meeting, Tina Paris will preview all the programs for 2018

Secret Sisters will be starting next Month.


New business:

Dana Moore announced that the Missouri Star Quilt Company will be publishing a quilt she designed.
Sharoll Stuckey announced the new UFO program – ‘UFO Spades’.  In January we will bid on how many UFOs we believe we will complete for the year.  For each project completed, you will get 10 points.  Each additional project will receive 1 point. 10 points will be lost for each project not finished. To qualify as a UFO, the project must be at least 162 inches in circumference.  There will be prizes at the end of the program and randomly throughout the year.

Brenda Morton reminded the group about the winter challenge – Ugly Fabric Exchange.  Challenge projects are due and will be presented at the March meeting.

Meeting attendees partook in a holiday pot luck and gift exchange.

Show and Tell was presented – 15 members shared their creations.

Meeting adjourned at 8:25 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Lee Linebarger, secretary