UFO Quilts

2018 UFO Challenge

I’m excited to announce the new 2018 UFO Challenge!

Thanks to our guild president, Kathy Stack, for the great idea.  I’ll have the bid sheets at the January meeting for you to fill out and turn in.  I hope everyone will consider participating this year.  It should be lots of fun!
It never occurred to me that during this busy holiday season you would be ready to start on your UFOs before January.  So, if you complete a UFO that was started before August 2017 and finished after the December 7th guild meeting, (when I introduced the new 2018 Challenge) it counts!  Of course it has to meet all the criteria listed on the 2018 UFO Challenge form and must be brought to show and tell to get credit.  (If it was a Christmas gift and you no longer have it, take a picture of the finished quilt and bring it to show and tell.)
I’m excited to see so much enthusiasm about this new challenge.  Hopefully everyone is giving some thought to how many UFOs they think they will be able to finish in 2018.  Be ready to fill out your bid sheet at the January meeting.
Merry Christmas!

2018 UFO Challenge 2

  • This year we’re playing UFO SPADES.  (This is loosely based on the familiar card game.)
  • In January, you will turn in your bid sheet.  On it you will list the number of UFOs you think you will complete in 2018.
  • For a UFO to qualify for this years challenge, your must have started cutting and or sewing the project prior to August 2017. (The end of our last UFO Challenge.)
  • For each of the UFOs you complete up to the number you bid, you will receive 10 points.
  • If you complete more than you bid, you will receive 1 point for each additional UFO.  For example, if you bid 4 and finish 6, you will have a final total of 42 points.
  • However, if you don’t complete the number of UFOs you bid, you will lose 10 points for every UFO you did not finish.
  • Example:  You finish only 3 UFOs, but you bid 4, your total of 30 points (10 for each you completed) will be reduced by 10 points for the one you didn’t finish.
  • As in the past, you will need to bring your completed UFO to show and tell to receive credit.
  • To keep it fair, the smallest finished project must measure at least 162” around.  This is based on a standard size crib quilt measuring 36″ x 45″.
  • If you have smaller projects, you may combine them to measure at least 162″ around all sides.
  • If you choose to combine smaller projects, they must all be brought together for one show and tell to receive your credit.
  • And now for the best part, PRIZES!!
  • There will be a prize awarded for the person who earns the most points.
  • There will also be a random prize drawing for everyone else who participated and ended the year with a positive point total.
  • There might also be a surprise drawing at a guild meeting sometime throughout the year for those who have brought a UFO for show and tell on that night!