Piece and Plenty Quilt Guild By-Laws (revised 2016)


The name of the organization shall be the Piece and Plenty Quilt Guild.


The purpose of this organization shall be to promote and preserve the art of quilting, to instruct members in the techniques of quilting, to share ideas, and to encourage community awareness of quilting.


Section 1. Membership is open to anyone who has an interest in quilting.

Section 2. A person may attend two (2) regular meetings of the Guild as a guest. If further attendance is desired, membership is required.

Section 3. Annual dues for adult members shall be $10.00.

Annual dues for junior members up to the age of 16 shall be $5.00. Junior members must have an adult member as a sponsor. The member-sponsor will be responsible for the library and workshop privileges of the junior member.

Section 4. Membership in the Piece and Plenty Quilt Guild runs from September 1 to August 31 each year. Members who have not paid their dues by November 15 will be dropped.


Section 1. The General Membership of the guild shall meet monthly.

Section 2. The Annual Meeting shall be held in June at which time officers shall be elected by the General Membership.

Section 3. Members present and voting shall constitute a quorum.

Section 4. Special meetings may be called by the President with the approval of the Board of Directors.


Section 1. The officers shall consist of President, Vice-President in Charge of Membership, Vice-President in Charge of Programs, Secretary, Treasurer, and Board Member-at-Large.

Section 2. The officers shall be elected for a term of one year beginning September 1 and ending August 31. Officers may serve no more than two (2) consecutive terms in the same office.

Section 3. Duties of the Officers

The President shall:

  1. Preside at all General Membership, Board and Executive Committee meetings.
  2. Appoint all committee chairpersons excluding chairs designated in the by-laws.
  3. Appoint special committees for specific purposes with a specified deadline for termination.
  4. Conduct an annual review of the Guild by-laws.

The Vice-President in Charge of Membership shall:

  1. Preside over meetings in the absence of or at the request of the President.
  2. Act as hostess at General Membership meetings, i.e. greeting visitors, supplying guest book.
  3. Chair the Membership Committee.

The Vice-President in Charge of Programs shall:

  1. Chair the Program Committee.
  2. With the assistance of the Program Committee, book programs and workshops for the upcoming 16 to 36 months.
  3. Preside over programs and workshops during her term or designate a member of the program committee to do so in her absence.

The Secretary shall:

  1. Compile minutes for all General Membership and Board meetings, present the minutes of the previous meeting at each General Membership meeting for membership approval, and provide a copy for the President.
  2. Maintain the permanent official records of minutes and correspondence of the guild.
  3. Conduct all guild correspondence.
  4. Chair the Communications Committee.

The Treasurer shall:

  1. Chair the Budget Committee.
  2. Be responsible for all dues and funds of the organization, maintain an accurate record of all income and expenditures, and maintain the permanent financial records of the Guild.
  3. Present a monthly financial report at each General Membership meeting and a quarterly budget report for each newsletter.

The Board Member-at-Large shall:

  1. Chair the Nominating Committee
  2. Present a slate of nominees for office at the May General Membership meeting.
  3. Conduct “Show and Tell” at the General Meetings.

Section 4. The Board of Directors

  1. Shall consist of the six (6) elected officers (Art IV, Sect. 1) and the chairpersons of the Standing Committees (Art. VII, Sec. 1) and meet at the call of the President at least quarterly.
  2. Shall hold a combined board meeting in August with both retiring and new boards present in order to form a new budget and pass information and materials to the new officers and committee chairs.
  3. Officers may serve no more than four (4) consecutive terms on the Board of Directors.
  4. Each member shall have one vote, excluding the President who will only vote in the event of a tie.

Section 5. The Executive Committee

  1. Shall consist of the six (6) elected officers (Art. V, Sect.1) and have the power of the Board of Directors between meetings provided there is a quorum of four (4) present.
  2. May meet for emergency business only and must inform the Board of Directors of action taken within ten (10) days. Minutes of these meetings shall be incorporated into the minutes of the following Board Meeting.


Section 1. A slate of nominated officers shall be presented by the Board Member-at-Large no later than the May General Membership meeting. Additional nominations may be made from the floor, providing the consent of the nominees has been obtained.

Section 2. The election of officers shall be held at the June General Membership meeting.

Section 3. The newly elected officers shall be presented at the August General Membership meeting and take office September 1.

Section 4. Vacancies shall be filled by appointment of the President with approval of the Board of Directors.


Section 1. Standing Committees shall include Membership, Program, Communications, Budget, Nominating, History, Library, Quilt Show, and Raffle Quilt Construction.

Section 2. Standing Committee Responsibilities

The Membership Committee shall:

  1. Receive membership applications and dues and submit all collected dues to the treasurer.
  2. Supply each member with a new member packet containing a signed membership card, Guild Year Book, and other materials pertaining to the guild.
  3. Maintain a current list of members, their addresses and contact information for Guild communication purposes.
  4. Compile and distribute to each member a guild Year Book consisting of guild history, by-laws, guidelines, membership, programs, workshops, etc.

The Program Committee shall:

  1. Plan programs and workshops for a minimum of 16 months. Speakers and programs may be booked 36 months in advance if necessary.
  2. Committee members must include a member to assist in planning programs and workshops up to 36 months in advance, a member to take reservations and payment for workshops, and a member or members to assist with transporting speakers and attending and setting up workshops.

The Communications Committee shall:

  1. Publicize General Membership meetings, programs, and workshops in cooperation with committee chairs.
  2. Generate a quarterly newsletter of Guild events in cooperation with officers and committee chairs, and distribute it to the General Membership.
  3. Committee members may include, but are not limited to, a publicity chair, a newsletter chair, a member to maintain the Guild website, and a member to distribute e-mail communication.

The Budget Committee shall:

  1. Consist of the outgoing and incoming President and Treasurer. The incoming Treasurer chairs this committee.
  2. Prepare an annual budget to be discussed at the August joint board meeting and presented at the September General Membership meeting for membership approval.

The Nominating Committee shall:

  1. Prepare a slate of nominated officers to be presented at the May General Membership meeting.

The History Committee shall:

  1. Compile a scrapbook of activities for the Guild year including photos of “Show & Tell,” programs, workshops, shows, etc.

The Library Committee shall:

  1. Store and maintain all guild reference materials and equipment, conduct all library business, and maintain a record of circulation.
  2. Give a review of new materials at General Membership meetings.
  3. Submit purchase recommendations for new materials and equipment, based on membership input, to the President.
  4. Conduct an annual inventory of the library.

The Quilt Show Committee shall:

  • Plan, advertise, and preside over a display of quilted items, and solicit appropriate vendors, activities and attractions. NOTE: All members should plan to participate in this effort.

The Raffle Quilt Construction Committee shall:

  1. Plan and design, select fabric for, and construct a quilt to be raffled in conjunction with the Quilt Show.

Section 3. Special Committees

Special committees are those appointed by the President for a specific purpose with a specified deadline for termination, i.e. Challenges, Special Projects, Raffle Quilt Ticket Sales, etc.

Section 4. Each Committee, Standing or Special, must:

  1. Report its activities at General Membership meetings and to the newsletter chair.
  2. Submit all revenue and receipts for expenditures to the Treasurer.
  3. Prepare and submit an annual budget to the Treasurer no later than July 31.


Section 1. The fiscal year shall be from September 1 thru August 31.

Section 2. A budget shall be adopted annually at the September General Membership meeting.

Section 3. The books and records of the Treasurer shall be examined annually by a committee appointed by the President.


Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised, shall be the authority not covered in these by-laws.


These by-laws may be amended at a regular meeting by a 2/3 vote of the General Membership present, provided that the amendment has been presented at the previous meeting or mailed to the General Membership ten days before the Meeting.


Challenges is a special committee appointed for the purpose of planning and presenting quilting challenges to the General Membership.

Community Projects

The Guild currently participates in the following community projects:

  1. Karen’s“10,000 Inches” – Constructing quilts of any size to be donated to Rolla organizations. First priority will be given to the Methodist Women’s Ministry layettes for the Phelps County Health Department.
  2. Presenting a small quilt show at the Rolla Public Library in March.
  3. Constructing and presenting a quilt to the first baby born at Phelps County Regional Medical Center on National Quilt Day in March.
  4. Making pillowcases for Russell House.
  5. Requests for guild participation in a community project shall be submitted in writing to the Board of Directors for consideration and include the cost and time involved.


  1. If there is a death in the family of one of our members, the Secretary and the President should be notified so a sympathy card can be sent and other Guild members may be notified.
  2. The Secretary will send a sympathy card and will be reimbursed through the Guild.
  3. The guild does not send flowers.


Each year the Guild donates quilt-related instructional material to the Rolla Public Library in the form of a book, video, or periodical. The Guild also donates $100 annually to The American Quilt Museum in Paducah, Kentucky.


  1. Only paid members may borrow library material/equipment.
  2. Material may be borrowed for one month and returned at the next meeting. If an extension is desired, leave the item with the librarian during the meeting. If no one wants to borrow the item, you are welcome to take it for one more month.
  3. A member holding overdue library book(s) will be reminded to return the book(s) the first month overdue and asked to pay for the book(s) after two months overdue as well as have her name printed in the newsletter.
  4. The purchase of new library materials will be approved by the Board of Directors.

Raffle Quilt Ticket Sales is a special committee which oversees printing, distribution, and accounting of raffle quilt tickets and monies. It also schedules opportunities to show the raffle quilt and sell tickets.

Silent Auction: All proceeds from the Silent Auction held at the Quilt Show will be designated for Program Committee use for speakers and program-related costs.

Special Projects is a special committee which:

  1. Plans a gift of quilt blocks for a retiring President. The committee selects pattern and colors and distributes the information to guild members. Participation is optional.
  2. Completes other projects at the direction of the President and Board of Directors. These may include quilt displays, and quilt construction projects for members moving away, having a baby, or getting married.


  1. Tuition for workshops is due upon registration for the workshop and is non-refundable. The Program Committee will consider emergencies and may allow tuition to be transferred to another workshop.
  2. Guild members who teach a workshop will be reimbursed for expenses and have the right to set their own fee.
  3. The minimum tuition for any workshop will be $10.00 per person.

Year Books:

  1. The Guild Year Book is printed in December and distributed to each member at the January meeting. If additional copies are desired they can be obtained from the Vice-President-Membership for $5 each.
  2. Guild members may pay a fee to have the Year Book mailed to them.